Why we started TheTechMap

I came to the US from Germany with the goal of becoming an entrepreneur. It did not work out for various reasons: it was the wrong timing to the end of the dot-com boom and I lacked the network within the startup community to move fast enough but instead partnered with a European dinosaur who was just too slow to move. Lessons learned.

I learned a few things: the most important thing is that starting a company is not rocket science, people do it over and over again. Sure, not every entrepreneur becomes a billionaire and most startups fail. But what separates the successful entrepreneur from the rest is that they do it over and over again, learning on the way, and building wealth and professional freedom over time.

Absolutely important is that you are embedded in the startup community and build the network supporting you. The tech sector is not the place for the lone wolf. Unfortunately, most tech entrepreneurs are more on the geeky side lacking the extroverted nature which helps corporate executives and politicians climb up.

The startup network consist of service providers helping you start the company like attorneys, co-founders and first employees who have the right skill set and entrepreneurial spirit, and of course the network of investors. You also need various service providers helping you to build your lean demo who are routined enough that they do not have to reinvent the wheel and can do it quickly and price effectively for you.

At the same time you need to build credentials and build the emotional support to keep you going. Starting a company is a series of obstacles and hurdles, kinda like riddles in a game show, you start to solve and overcome.

After having spent a decade in big corporate America and growing fat and comfortable, I wanted to get back to my roots. This time I wanted to be embedded in the startup culture here in Austin. I found it very difficult to know where to start. And this is why we bring you TheTechMap. As we learn how things work, we bring our experience to you and share our path.

TheTechMap is not just simple charting of some random companies on a map, what we do here is to build a community bringing you the resources and support, all together in one spot. It is a community project by three guys, Ricardo, Johan, and myself working on it evening and weekends. Progress will be steady and we have a whole roadmap of feature planned to bring to you throughout this year. I hope you are as excited as we are.



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